Favorites of 2013: Roos Schuring

This month we're revisiting each of the artists interviewed here in The Art Room. I've asked everyone to choose a favorite painting or two from 2013, and to tell us the reason for their choice.

Roos Schuring has chosen Sunny Day Essence as one of her favorite paintings from 2013, and talks a little about her concept of a limited palette:

 Landscape winter #12 Sunny Day Essence 9.5" x 12" 2013
We're waiting for the snow to come in Holland!
I'd like to talk about a limited palette: that's why most often snowscapes look so good. A limited palette for me doesn't mean that I take a lesser amount of tubes along - no- it's just either a mental decision not to use a color (even though I might see it right before my eyes), or waiting for limited palette moments, like sunrise, sunset, snow. Hoping this particular special time will come soon.
You can find out more about Roos at her website, her blog, and by reading her interview.

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