Kim Rempel

Painter Kim Rempel approaches every subject with high energy and enthusiasm, and uses dynamic composition and bold color to exciting effect. She also has quite a range; she paints plein-air landscapes, still life and figures, as well as non-representational work and richly colored collages. Some of her themes seem uniquely hers, such as her powerful portraits of individual trees, and her more light-hearted "daily" paintings of frogs and fancy pastries.  

Here are Kim Rempel's two favorite paintings from 2013:

Hopewell Cape  acrylic  20"x24" 2013

Narrative of Love acrylic 16"x20" 2013
2013 saw me working simultaneously on landscape and abstract works. It used to really bother me - having a foot in both worlds - until I saw a Picasso exhibit in which I learned he did it too! So now I just put my nose down and work and whatever comes, comes.
Narrative of Love is my choice for my best abstract. I thought I had lost it multiple times over, and then just when I was ready to abandon it something began to form. I let go and stopped thinking about what made "sense" and just painted bravely. The turquoise arc on the right was something that I may have stopped myself from a year ago, but I've learned.
You can see more of Kim Rempel's work at her blog and her website

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  1. I love everything Kim paints-- My first favorite was her lone and sprawling trees, but her abstracts are my NEW favorite, can't get enough.

  2. Kim is a force. I agree with Diane. Her Abstracts are really inspirational and beautiful

  3. I've been following Kim for years. I love her work!


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