Michael Chamberlain

San Francisco Bay Area artist Michael Chamberlain understands how to focus on the essentials, never letting himself get bogged down in distracting detail. The result is work that seems fresh, airy, and beautifully coherent, no matter how overwhelmingly complex the actual subject may have been. 

Here are Michael's two choices for favorites of 2013, along with some words about an interesting project he was involved in over the summer:

Cafe at Dusk  oil on masonite  12"x12"  2013

Shadows on Jones  oil on canvas  20"x12"  2013
These paintings evolved out of a show I participated in this summer. The show was called "50/50" and the idea was to paint fifty small paintings in fifty days. We had to choose a theme and I chose San Francisco street scenes. I've always loved cityscapes but found them overwhelming to paint. I figured if I committed to painting fifty small city paintings I'd be forced to overcome the challenge. After finishing the fifty paintings for the show I decided to see if I could scale them up to a larger size. "Shadows on Jones" and "Cafe at Dusk" are my favorites of the larger paintings. 
You can see more of Michael Chamberlain's work by visiting his blog, his website, and by reading last year's post about his favorites of 2012. 


  1. I have admired Michael's work for some time. I love the value patterns in these two paintings! Just wonderful!

  2. Me too. He has a signature style. He went to my brothers home in San Francisco and let him pick out paintings. I thought that was such a personal touch. It made a great wedding present for my brother and in the process my brother and his husband bought another painting that looks great with the gift selection. They really enjoyed Michael and I was glad to hear that. Now I am the one in the family without a Michael painting..that will need to change sooner rather than later and I know which one I want.


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