Michael Naples

Chicago area artist Michael Naples has chosen his two favorite paintings from the past year:

 Freshly Picked  oil on board  12"x12"  2013
This was one of the first paintings I did in 2013. Not only do I love the offset composition, but I painted it pretty tight and am very happy with the result. It kind of set the stage for entire year. I consider it a success when the final painting is almost identical to the initial vision in my head. Most days that's a hard thing to accomplish.
Maryann the Beagle  oil on board  6"x6"  2013
I paint a lot of paintings for the gallery setting. Those I tend to render pretty tight, so it's always great to loosen up with smaller paintings painted for myself. This one is the perfect combination of loose brush strokes and tighter detail. I am also partial to this painting because Maryann belonged to a friend of mine. Unfortunately she past away this past year so it made me happy to immortalize her in paint.
You can see more of Michael Naples's work at his blog and his website, and be sure to check out last year's post on his favorites of 2012.  

The current theme is Artists Who Blog- Favorites of 2013. Chosen artists have sent in one or two of their favorite paintings from 2013, along with some words about the creation of the work, or about general new directions and goals. There will be a new artist highlighted each day for twenty five days, so check back often.

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