Susan Abbott

Vermont painter Susan Abbott has selected two landscapes, one large and one small, as her favorites of 2013. She says "These two paintings both presented the challenge of trying something new."

Farther East  oil on linen  48" x 48"  2013 (Courtesy McGowan Fine Art)

Town Forest  oil on linen panel  10" x 10" 2013
"Farther East" was the largest oil landscape I'd painted up to that time. Though I've done many large still life, painting a landscape that's much bigger than the plein air sized panels I usually work with meant that I needed to figure out some new approaches to compositional scale, brush handling, and simplifying shapes. I found that I liked working in this format, and have more large oil landscapes planned.
"Town Forest" was one of a series of small, quick studies that I painted last year in the 600 acre conserved property across the road from my studio. It is one of those "nothing" motifs that I love: a field, a maple tree, and a hedgerow.
What I like about both paintings is what I learned (or already knew but was reinforced) from painting them. I was uncertain starting, and had periods of doubting where they were headed while working on them. Both showed me, as my paintings often do, that I need to keep going and trust the process. As often happens, what I thought the paintings would be about changed in the course of struggling with them, and each took on a life of its own.
To find out more about Susan Abbot visit her website and blog. You can also read her "favorites" post from last year.

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  1. I love Susan's work and couldn't agree more about the process she describes. Thanks for posting.


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