Alain Massicotte

Montréal artist Alain Massicotte paints the surrounding Canadian landscape in all seasons, favoring sweeping diagonals in his compositions along with strong color contrasts. His paintings have a emotional directness and energy that draw the viewer right in.

Snowy Furrows  oil on wood  8"x12"  2013

Underground Thaw  oil on wood  8"x12"  2013 
I've been working on a series of landscapes for the last 7 years, and so far I've completed about 500 paintings. All of these landscapes are within 20 miles of my chalet in Eastern Township in the Province of Quebec. They are all the same size and medium; 12 x 8 inches, and oil on wood panel.  
The challenge is always to create a new variation on the same subject. For me painting is about strong design and contrast and I always think the snowy landscape is an effective response to this combination.
You can see more of Alain Massicotte's work at his blog and his website, and be sure to check out the post from last year of his two favorite paintings of 2012.

The current theme is Artists Who Blog- Favorites of 2013.  Chosen artists have sent in one or two of their favorite paintings from 2013, along with some words about the creation of the work, or about general new directions and goals. There will be a fresh post each day for twenty five days, so check back often. 

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