Helen Cooper

Melbourne artist Helen Cooper isn't afraid to experiment. She plays with dissolving edges and drifting forms, but her strong drawing and painting skills hold it all together well.  Her work is constantly surprising, especially considering how easy it is for a "Daily Painter" to begin repeating themselves. 

Helen has chosen her two favorite paintings from 2013:

Hot Stuff  oil  5"x5" 2013
When I sat these peppers on the blue paper I immediately loved the colour combinations along with the strong shadows and lights. Sometimes I can take ages to set up a still life, but happily, this was one of those occasions where everything fell into place straight away. My brushes were whirling in no time!

Face-it # 38  oil  4"x4" 2013
I really couldn't resist the expression on this man's face. When something like this instantly grabs my attention I just have to paint it. I never paint anything that doesn't have me racing to my easel.
I look forward to 2014. I hope to improve, evolve, attend more life drawing sessions and teach a few workshops. This last week I have been trying acrylics. What fun! I also hope never to paint that 'perfect painting' because then I'll have to stop. Happy painting everyone !
I'm adding one more of Helen's paintings, a recent work. Although in this small still life she's simplified the flowers and the water-filled vases, she's painted the overall shape of each object correctly, and has understood the values so well that it works beautifully.

 Out of the Blue  acrylic  8"x6"  2014

You can see more of Helen Cooper's work by visiting her blog, and by reading last year's post about her favorite paintings of 2012.

This is the last post for the theme Artists Who Blog- Favorites of 2013.  Thank you to all the participating artists! It's been fun.


  1. Thanks Taryn. I have always followed Helen's work...love the looseness and brushstrokes! Wonderful artist!

  2. The still life paintings are gorgeous--I love the broken edges and the color combinations!

  3. I really love this artist's work. Brushes whirling, indeed! She's truly talented. Taryn, you have such a great eye for art we all need to see!

  4. Helen is a very talented artist with a great eye for the essentials.


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