Trish Coonrod

Trish Coonrod has an intriguing artistic background. Her interest in representational art led her to attain an MFA from The New York Academy of Art's Graduate School of Figurative Art, and she subsequently took a position in Jeff Koon's studio as lead painter for eight years. I'd bet that Trish could tell some very interesting stories about life in the artistic fast lane!

Trish recently left New York City for the relative quiet of Ithaca, New York. Her beautifully rendered work is intensely introspective, and the surface calm seems to conceal hidden depths of feeling.

Trish has chosen a favorite painting and an ink wash drawing from 2013 to share with us:

2 Pears, a Fig, and Raspberries  oil on canvas  12"x16"  2013

Lime Hollow  ink on paper  29"x 20"  2013
After a few years of painting lots of small images, around 5 x 6 inches or so, I decided to start doing bigger work this past year.  I feel more invested in these larger pieces and more inclined to stretch myself by setting up more challenging compositions and observing things more carefully.   I'm excited about this new work and have just starting showing it at the West End Gallery in Corning NY.
Since Trish Coonrod is new to The Art Room, I thought I'd choose two of my own favorites from her 2013 work. These daffodils and a lovely tree drawing both have a quiet but determined air of invincible life:

 2 Daffodils  oil on canvas  16"x12"  2013

Old Maple on Scofield Road  sumi ink on Arches paper.  12"x9"  2013

You can see more of Trish Coonrod's work at her blogher website and her fine art Facebook page.

The current theme is Artists Who Blog- Favorites of 2013. Chosen artists have sent in one or two of their favorite paintings from 2013, along with some words about the creation of the work, or about general new directions and goals. There will be a fresh post each day for twenty five days, so check back often.


  1. Trish's color harmonies and lyrical compositions are outstanding. A distinctive voice and point of view. I like the work a lot.

    1. Well put, Robert! I completely agree.


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