Bare Trees: Mark Leach

Artist Karin Goeppert has suggested that we look at the work of pastelist Mark Leach for the theme of bare trees. Karin says:
One of my favourite painters is the English pastelist Mark Leach. He was born in 1952 and unfortunately passed away prematurely in 2008.

I love his sense of colour and his very individual work. He was/still is a great inspiration for many pastel painters. His book "Raw Colour with Pastels" is a comprehensive and very inspiring book about his way of painting and pastels altogether.

Silent Trees- Canal du Midi  pastel on board 14" x 18"

Right Bank pastel on board


Venetto Landscape 27"x27" pastel on paper
We should always remember that we are artists, not scientists. Our job is to explore the beauty of two-dimensional form and colour in a way that stimulates the intellect and emotions, not necessarily be bound to any truth to nature.
-Mark Leach  

Thanks so much for your suggestion, Karin Goeppert!  


  1. Thank you for recognizing Mr. Leach on your blog. He has been an inspiration to me and was kind enough to answer a question I posed to him via email about his book. I refresh myself periodically with his ideas and works as his use of color and his simplification of shapes has motivated me to more of a semi-abstract approach.


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