About this blog

This blog grew out of my interest in asking many questions of other painters, so it partially consists of in-depth interviews with artists I strongly admire.

Aside from the interviews, this blog is mainly structured around monthly or bi-monthly themes in art.   I'm a painter, so I write about art that interests me from the perspective of a working artist, not an art historian or an art critic. Art is a nebulous subject, and so it can be difficult and even presumptuous to try and pin down its meaning in words. Still, spending time thinking about a work of art, and then putting those thoughts into words can help me feel I've truly visited the art, and let it change me- even if just a little.

Painting and poetry have much in common, and I believe that these words from the poet Kenneth Koch can be applied to the experience of looking at art:
When you read a poem, the poet's experience becomes, in a way, your own, so you see things and think things you wouldn't see and think otherwise. It's something like travelling -- seeing new places, hearing things talked about in new ways, getting ideas of other possibilities. It can change you a little and add to what you know and are.
I'm always interested in guest posts. If you would like to suggest an artist for the current theme, please email your suggestion (not your own work please) with at least one image and a few words to describe why you like it. Be sure to include the title, medium, size and year. If you have a website or blog you may provide a link that will be included in the post.

I'm also glad to hear recommendations for new themes and interview subjects.

You can see my own work at my website and my blog.